What is Cloud Vault?

Cloud Vault is an encrypted cloud backup and syncing service available in the Private Photo Vault® app. Private Photo Vault employees CAN NOT view any of the user’s encrypted content backed up to Cloud Vault. Cloud Vault is only available for Premium members.

  • AES-256 bit Encryption
  • 100% Private – No one can view your data but you
  • Cloud Vault Password – your user provided encryption key that is never uploaded to our servers
  • Backup
  • Syncing

How to use Cloud Vault:

  1. Install the latest version of Private Photo Vault on your phone
  2. Go to the Settings Tab in the app and tap Cloud Vault
    1. If you do not have Premium, you will need to enable a Premium account to continue. You can sign up for a free trial in the app
  3. Enter your email address, an email will be sent. Tap the email address
  4. You will now be prompted to create a Cloud Vault Password

    1. Your Cloud Vault Password acts as secret value to generate an encryption key that is used to encrypt all of your data. The Cloud Vault Password is not recoverable, so ensure that you write it down some place safe.
  5. After this, all of your data will upload securely to Cloud Vault
  6. To sync to a 2nd device, simply login and enter your Cloud Vault Password

Is Cloud Vault Secure?

Yes. Cloud Vault was designed from the ground up with security in mind. We wanted to build a system where no one could view a user’s data except the user.

Cloud Vault uses multiple layers of encryption and uses AES-256 bit encryption to encrypt all user’s photos and videos. This is the same type of encryption used by the US Military.

The strength of the encryption will be dependent on how strong you make your password. The longer and more complicated that password, the stronger the encryption.

In addition to the encryption provided by your Cloud Vault Password, all of the files stored in Cloud Vault have an additional layer of at rest encryption.